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Hefei Yixiang Agricultural Machinery Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Taohua Industrial Park, Hefei High-tech Zone, Anhui. The company was established in 2004. It was an early domestic manufacturer engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, sales and service of low-temperature environmental protection dryers.

Hefei Yixiang Agricultural Machinery Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. insists on "science and technology leads agriculture, agriculture and technology to improve production". Yixiang Machinery Manufacturing's insistence on agricultural machinery has been recognized by the market and strongly supported by the local government. The company has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise, top ten grain machinery enterprise ...

The grain drying industry has created a batch of high-quality "Yixiangren". Hefei Yixiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. launched the 5HXY series dryer, which can quickly dry multiple tonnages of grain, 5HXY series The machine is highly automated, easy to operate, and has the advantages of continuous working time and low drying cost.

While the company develops its products, it also promotes the progress in the field of grain drying. Realize the "intelligent drying system" to create a practical automation solution for grain production and storage. Can be designed according to customer needs, to achieve drying, weighing, transmission, threshing, storage, screening, testing in one grain drying strategy.

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