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Anhui grain dryer subsidy policy promotes the utilization rate of farmers

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Agricultural mechanization has always been one of the goals of our country, and it is also the inevitable trend of rapid economic development. Accelerating the utilization rate of agricultural machinery is one of the main projects of local governments. Therefore, when farmers purchase agricultural machinery, local governments have corresponding subsidy policies. For example, our farmers generally use it grain dryer That is, subsidy policy includes one of the products.

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Taking Anhui Province as an example, the development of grain drying equipment in Anhui Province is mainly based on three needs: first, to resist rainy weather; second, to alleviate the shortage of sun farms; third, to improve the quality of grain. In order to promote the development, since 2005, Anhui has included grain drying machinery as a non general catalogue into the scope of subsidies for purchasing machines. Before 2010, the subsidy will be carried out according to the highest subsidy rate (30%) stipulated by the state, and the fixed subsidy will be implemented since 2010, and it will be included in the scope of key subsidized machines and tools in 2015. all the time Anhui grain dryer Both of them have been given huge subsidies and preferential policies, which have solved the key problems such as the difficulty and high cost of purchasing machines.

Anhui Province mainly produces wheat, rice, corn, soybean and other food products. In fact, the drying demand is mainly wheat and rice, so Anhui wheat grain dryer Anhui rice grain dryer The market demand for such products is relatively large, especially for some farmers with high grain yield and some large farms, the number of grain dryers is also relatively large, and ordinary farmers also have demand for grain dryers, because the output of grain is small, it is not suitable to buy large grain dryers, most of them buy relatively small grain dryers. In short, China's agricultural subsidies to speed up the pace of saving the use of machinery.

        Yixiangheyang grain dryer takes "protecting grain" as its own responsibility, takes "innovation leading quality grain" as its mission, adheres to the concept of "science and technology first, quality as reference", adheres to the guiding ideology of "science and technology leading agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and improving production with science and technology", and feeds back the support and trust of users and all walks of life with the best quality products, so as to make a good harvest for China's grain industry“ Last mile ".
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