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Grain drying 5HXY-15A

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feature of product:

1. Low-speed stirrer, anti-breaking hoist, low grain crushing rate and good drying quality.

2. Reduced diameter mixed flow drying method is adopted, hot air is in full contact with the grain, uniform drying and high efficiency.

3. The grain flowing parts are made of special wear-resistant materials and have a long service life.

4. Fully-automatic intelligent electric control system makes operation easier.

5. Optional imported online grain moisture measuring instrument can realize accurate detection of grain moisture.

6, can choose a variety of heating methods and fuel, low drying costs.

Use range:

Suitable for drying a variety of grains such as rice, wheat, corn, rapeseed, millet and sorghum.

Product parameters:

Product number

structure type

Overall weight (kg)

Dimensions (length × width × height) ¼